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Come on in, gal. You are a lover of the soulful routine armed with a positive attitude, notebook and pen, you’re checking off along your journey quite nicely. Not tryna mess with your day, but it might be time to pencil in some free play, look up from your screen and just see where life takes you.
You wouldn’t wanna miss a good thing now would ya?


The first thing about being a Soul Searcher is you already know you’re a Soul Searcher. You’re a self-confessed believer in self-love, care and worth. You read about it, talk about it and probably post about it, sharing the good word on the gram.

You know how important it is to do your inside work. You’re the go-to gal for advice and all the best podcasts to tune into. All your friends would describe you as inspiring, goal-smashing and a beautiful soul. Although, something tells me you might be a little too busy to see that for yourself?

HOLD UP: Soul Searcher doesn’t quite sound like you? Sorry, wrong number. Check out our other Journey Gals to find the right fit here.

Your heart lives to help and inspire other people, and a big part of that is sharing all the real, raw and vulnerable moments with your friends. Sometimes you show up online to share too, which is why you’ve created such a loyal following. Good day, bad day, specific yet relatable moment of clarity - the gals will love this.

Sometimes you can be spotted daydreaming about the lush forests, buddha bowls and warm shores of Bali. One day you’ll make the move and live the slow life, making real change in the world and ticking off those big goals. One day.



Before you continue on your journey, let me tell you a little about mine …

I am Irene. A fellow Journey Gal travelling along just like you, who turned my story of emotional abuse into an online platform that educates, supports and inspires thousands daily. If it sounds like I’m proud, gal you’d be right.

Today I’m a podcaster, TED speaker and mama, also a big fan of good quality chocolate, people watching  and shopping for timeless dresses, slightly oversized — because comfort.

Once silenced, I now use my voice to encourage you along your journey. Kind of like a big sister on the sidelines but less shouty.

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The thing about the Soul Searcher is that you’re super intentional about everrrrrything you do, whether it’s breakfast or a well-deserved mini break. Before you take a leap you consult, journal, meditate and discuss with friends.

Gal, it’s time to surrender to the uncertainties of the journey.

Follow your nose, let things unfold before you and feel the discomforts of not being in control. It is here that you’ll find the moments that no tiny square on Instagram will ever be able to capture. One of those soul moments you’ve heard so much about.

Your go-to tool:
Oh Soul Searcher, we know you’ll like this one. The Vision Worksheet invites you to set yourself a vision and work towards it. Pair it with the Values Tool and you’ll have the makings of a blueprint to check off. Is that a deep breathe I hear?

Something to snack on:
You can write three things that you’re grateful for every night in your journal, but if you haven’t slowed down enough to truly feel the gratitude then you’ve kind of missed the point. Are you missing any beautiful moments along your journey?


Ready to see where the road takes you? YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE:



Wherever you’re at on your journey, we’re here to offer helpful directions and soul stirring signs along the way.
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