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We’ve seen you cruising by and gal are we glad you popped in. You’re the ultimate chiller and go with the flow-er, phone in hand and never far from the comforts of home. But maybe it’s time you put down the gram, pull out those goals and get started on your journey. Ok ok, you can bring the gram.


Being a Smooth Sailor is pretty great right? You prefer the simple life and are content with the comforts of home. Intrepid trip across the Sahara? Nah, camels smell weird and the sandy shores within a stones throw will do you just fine.

You’ve got some goals, but you might just do them after another episode of insert amazing show here. A decent dose of the gram keeps you up-to-date and liking life, but I guess selfie-love doesn’t always mean self-love and maybe you need a hand with that.

You’re honest, open and easy to talk to, so appreciate when other folks follow suit – whether they’re a mate, family member or lover. You’re not a big fan of BS, drama or fake people. Ew, fake people.

HOLD UP: Smooth Sailor doesn’t quite sound like you? Sorry, wrong number. Check out our other Journey Gals here to find the right fit.

Ok Smooth Sailor, you’re the gal that goes with the flow, but now that we mention it, sometimes you look around and realise you’re on someone else’s journey. Being super cruisey has also led you to missing a few trains and opportunities - no worries though, you’ll catch the next one, right?

Maybe, just maybe, your ultimate chill vibe is a little bit of a cover up – if you never try, you’ll never fail, and you can just keep on cruising. Yay?

A little vulnerability and a step in the right direction is all it takes to get some momentum. Lucky for you, you’ve found the right type of gal to give you the nudge you need.



Before you continue on your journey, let me tell you a little about mine …

I am Irene. A fellow Journey Gal travelling along just like you, who turned my story of emotional abuse into an online platform that educates, supports and inspires thousands daily. If it sounds like I’m proud, gal you’d be right.

Today I’m podcaster, TED speaker and mama, also a big fan of good quality chocolate, people watching  and shopping for timeless dresses, slightly oversized — because comfort.

Once silenced, I now use my voice to encourage you along your journey.
Kind of like a big sister on the sidelines but less shouty.

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The funny thing about your journey, is that you’re yet to start. It could be because you’re so gah-damn content in cruise control, or maybe you have a few beliefs about yourself that hold you back. Either way it’s time to take the big leap.

Your past, environment and relationships up until this moment have no power over how awesome your journey can be. You’re the author of your story, every day is a blank canvas and it’s time to put pen to paper.

So many writing puns.

Your go-to tool:
Every journey gal needs a North Star to help her navigate. The Values Tool allows you to create one that works for you.

Something to snack on:
Oprah was once told she was too emotional for television. Today she remains the richest self-made woman on the box and the only black female billionaire. Is there a story you believe that holds you back?


Rucksack packed and ready to go? YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE:



Wherever you’re at on your journey, we’re here to offer helpful directions and soul stirring signs along the way.
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