5 essentials for your self-love journey.


The self-love journey is tricky and a messy whirlwind of unknowns. These are the 5 essentials that every gal needs to make the best decisions on her journey. Trust me these are the tried and trues I’ve been using for years. My fav part? They're all free and available to you right now.


Your vision is like a north star for you so that you know exactly where it is that you're going. If we don’t have a vision for our relationships, career, health or life it’s highly likely that we’re going to get lost. Many of us know this already but don’t take the time to check in and really see what the vision is that we have for ourselves. When was the last time you sat down and reviewed your vision? It can be as simple as making some notes, drawing a picture or chatting with someone that you loved or trust.


Every gal has an intuition, the trouble is many of us walk around with our super power completely inactive. Often we’re just not paying attention and end up missing the signs. I feel like so many of us look for obvious signs in life to slap us across the face with shining lights. You’re intuition isn’t loud, instead it’s a gentle nudge or a quiet whisper. So, how do you activate it? The best way for me to break this down is this:

I want for you to see your intuition as match. I also want for you to see yourself as a stick of dynamite. Together these two things have the power for something seriously groundbreaking, but only if the match is lit.

Hey, you didn’t think I was gonna spill all the details right here did you? Tune into the episode to find out exactly how to find that light, spark or set your soul on fire. Ok, let’s move on to number three.


You’ve got to be clear on what you’re not willing to do. The thing is as you navigate your journey you're going to meet people who try and encourage you to do things that go against your values. You might be presented with shiny opportunities that look appealing that may not be for you.

It’s important to make your ‘no’ a very clear no. To do this with confidence there’s some pre-work to do. Sit down, grab a pen and write about your non-negotiables. When you’re clear on your boundaries it’s easier to assert them in the moment. Go on gal, take a minute to get yourself clear.

Support Network

There will be days where you don't have the energy or strength to navigate your journey. On these days you've got to rely upon your circle of friends or your family to give you that nudge of encouragement and push you along. We’re not supposed to live in isolation.

We become like the five people we spend most of our time around. I highly encourage you to have people in your life that you admire or aspire to be like. And when I say that, I mean that they've got skill sets and tools and wisdom and knowledge that you haven't quite tapped into yet because the thing is when you're surrounded by people who are ‘better than you’, they encourage you to naturally level up.


When you know your values you basically have your own G.P.S. System to turn to.

There will be times where the right decision is not obvious. Sometimes you will need to make choices that might upset someone else. When you know your values, you can be clear on the choice that best aligns to the truth of who you are. Download a copy of the values worksheet here to figure out what yours are today.

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