Welcome to The Journey Gal Podcast


Welcome to The Journey Gal Podcast! I’m your host and fellow Journey Gal, Irene.

What’s a Journey Gal?

A Journey Gal is the one who knows, that in order for her to level up in her life, she’s gonna need to take a big old leap of faith out into the unknown.

The Journey Gal gets that when she leaps it’s time to embrace the unknown. All the uncertainties, questions, challenges and the mess that comes with being out there on the journey.

The Journey Gal feels the fear and does it anyway because deep down in her heart she knows it this is the right step for her. There could be no one affirming her choice, no proof that this is the right pathway and there could be people in her life that think she is doing the wrong thing.

A Journey Gal knows it’s important to live her truth, follow her heart and do what’s right for her. So, she takes the leap anyway.

There is a Journey Gal that lives inside all of us.

Maybe you know one yourself? I know for me, my journey started 10 years ago when I was preparing to leave an emotionally abusive relationship. Since then, like you, I’ve been taking turns, overcoming hurdles and learning along the way.

That’s the beauty of the journey. Overtime you learn so much that you become an advocate, educator or expert. Someone who can help others navigate a similar journey and gal, that’s exactly what I do today.

This podcast has been created for you.

Think of it as a way to receive my wisdom, knowledge and insights to support you in your own journey - what ever that looks like. I’ll also be bringing guests from across the world to share stories and advice to you to from one Journey Gal to another.

Sometimes all a Journey Gal needs is a nudge in the right direction.

So, why don’t you let me be your journey guide? Your older sister figure and sometimes your wise old grandma … I mean let’s be honest, people have been saying I’m an old soul for years.

So, are you ready Journey Gal? Let’s go!