Learning to Love Yourself with Amber Reid

Self-love. I feel like every gal wants to experience self-love. Everywhere we look there is someone telling us how to love ourselves. But, how do you do it? I sat down to ask Amber how she learned to love herself after her experience with emotional abuse.

Amber Reid is a self-advocate, fitness coach and mama to be.

Amber Reid is a self-advocate, fitness coach and mama to be.


Can you tell us a bit about your experience of emotional abuse?

At 14 years old I was in my first relationship that lasted for three years. I was this young impressionable teen who really had no idea I think at the time about love. I met this guy who I fell in love with and it was so amazing at the beginning — as it always is. As time went on things started to change and his insecurities would show up. We started to fight a lot and it just got really toxic to the point where I was also turning into a different person. It was bringing these bad traits out of me as well. In the moment you don't really understand how bad it is. You would think this behaviour is normal. You think this is love as though this is what couples do. I would cry so often and I just thought this was normal.

When did you know it was time to leave? How did you do it?

Towards the end there was a few times where I was like, ‘no I have to leave’. I remember he would be manipulative, telling me that I wouldn't be able to find anyone else. When things got really bad and he was physical I knew it was time to leave.

I went straight to my friends. I was bawling my eyes out, I was just hysterical. Honestly, I can still imagine exactly how I was feeling. I was shaking and I thought he was chasing me. It was really bad.

What was really good is I had my my best friend who stood with me through all of it. Tatiana was there to support me and stayed with me all the time. That really really helped me because there were so many times where I'd look at my phone I would want to text him.

Let’s talk about self-love. When did that become a part of who you are?

It took a long time before I considered myself a self-love advocate.

Firstly I think the biggest thing was me understanding who I was as a person again. It meant taking time to myself, spending time with myself. Learning to be confident and comfortable alone. I think when I started following my passion of health and fitness the self-love journey really began for me. I really thrived when I was living and breathing what I was all about. I remember feeling so good about myself exercising. I did a fitness camp and I think the discipline and seeing my body change taught mer that I was capable of something unimaginable. I was I was so proud of myself.

Want more?

Tune in to the podcast to hear how Amber practices self-love, what that means for her relationship and how her experiences will shape her journey as a mama. Seriously gal, if you wanna learn how to love yourself then you’ll wanna tune in to this episode.

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