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Hey journey gal,

i believe in living from a place of authenticity,
following your heart & doing what feels right
to you even in the face of challenge and adversity.

this is the journey.

My journey began the day I packed my life into the back seat of my Suzuki Swift. I had finally decided to walk away from four years of emotional abuse to learn how to love myself instead. Truth be told, I was scared about how my life would turn out. Would I ever find someone to love me? Would I ever really learn how to love myself? What would become of my life?

As any Journey Gal should I took some time to write down my vision. In it were two goals. One was to become a bank manager and the other was to go on my first solo holiday — my way of ‘finding self.’

Little did I know how pivotal these steps would be for me. A leap of faith and the persistence to follow my vision lead me to achieving those goals in 12 months. That’s when the mountains started to move.

My solo holiday was in Rarotonga. I sat on the beach with my journal and watched the words spill out on the page. All the confirmation I needed to begin the work I am so grateful to serve in today. I was patient and spent the next few years preparing my mind and heart to get started.

In 2015, I launched the charity Prepair NZ to help young women in Aotearoa safely navigate relationships, emotional abuse and self-love.

The last four years have been spent educating and empowering through storytelling, practical workshops and online resources. My story has reached over half a million people and my workshops thousands. In 2019, I began offering this work to students outside of schools by launching Journey Gal — firstly the podcast .

Who would’ve thought I’d be here? This is the beauty of the journey.



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I know how hard it is to watch someone you love go through emotional abuse.
The difficulty of watching her confidence, sense of self-worth and personality fade away.
You struggle to find the right words to say. There’s the fear that anything you do say could
push her away even further. You want her to know that she deserves better that abuse.
It’s almost like your friend has forgotten who she is and everything in you wants to remind her.

So, where do you begin?