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There’s a Journey Gal that lives inside of all of us. Once you get to know her a little bit,
it’s much easier to learn how to love her. Let’s help you suss out which gal sounds the most
like you, yea? These things are just a bit of fun but isn’t it funny just how accurate they are.



You’re the ultimate chiller and go with the flow-er, phone in hand and never far from the comforts of home. You’re honest, open and easy to talk to, so appreciate when other folks follow suit – whether they’re a mate, family member or lover. You’re not a big fan of BS, drama or fake people.

The funny thing about your journey, is that you’re yet to start. It could be because you’re so gah-damn content in cruise control, or maybe you have a few beliefs about yourself that hold you back. Either way it’s time to take the big leap.


You are a lover of the soulful routine armed with a positive attitude, notebook and pen, you’re checking off along your journey quite nicely. You’re a self-confessed believer in self-love, care and worth. You read about it, talk about it and probably post about it, sharing the good word on the gram.

You’re super intentional about everrrrrything you do, whether it’s breakfast or a well-deserved mini break. Before you take a leap you consult, journal, meditate and discuss with friends to triple check your decisions. Gal, it’s time to surrender to the uncertainties of the journey.


You’re a big picture thinker, long day dreamer and your vision board is better than Pinterest itself. There’s one thing Dream Seekers do not lack and that is vision. An eye for detail and a creative outlook, you dish out life advice like an absolute guru. Some for Ana, some for Charlie, here you go Stacy. But, when it comes to your own life the answers don’t flow so easy.

Like all our Journey Gals, the Dream Seeker can find herself in relationships that aren’t so good for the soul. Sometimes with friends, other times with lovers. The key is being able to see past the fun, fire and exciting adventures and find out if it’s one to hold onto.


A gal who vows to stay true to herself and advocate for the causes she feels deeply passionate about. The Authentic Advocate is no stranger to the journey. The steep climbs, collisions and burst-out-of-the-tunnel beautiful moments that come with immersing yourself in the unknown.

Sometimes your heart gets the better of you. Saying ‘yes’ feels good, but you hand them out so damn often you might start running out of umph.
It’s a beautiful thing to serve others, but just be careful that you don’t do it at the expense of yourself.



The journey is full of unexpected twists and turns that lead you to the most beautiful destinations. Let me share a couple of the places I’ve been …

I won my first ever speech competition at 9 years old. My Dad made me practice every night in front of my seven brothers and sisters. Who knew that just over a decade later I’d tell my story of emotional abuse at TED and receive the only standing ovation?

I fell into banking when I was 17 years old. I started in a call centre and worked my way up to the leading one of the largest branches in the country. Here I learned how to lead people and engage an audience through audio only — hello podcast.

Everything happens for a reason my friends. (Yes, even the shitty relationship, job you wanna quit or presentation you don’t wanna give)

Untitled design (15).png