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Hi! Yes, hello - can I have your attention for just a minute.
You’re a big picture thinker, long day dreamer and your vision board is better than Pinterest itself. You make quick decisions, leap at exciting opportunities and gal, are you a sucker for shiny things. Every now and then you take a leap towards something and realise it’s not really doing it for you. Sound familiar?


There’s one thing Dream Seekers do not lack and that is vision. An eye for detail and a creative outlook, you dish out life advice like an absolute guru. Some for Ana, some for Charlie, here you go Stacy. But, when it comes to your own life the answers don’t flow so easy.

Your friends would call you the life of the party. You bring the good chats, snacks and might just be the driving force behind those wild nights. A lover of the thrill and a decent dose of adventure, you do not wanna slow down and why should you? You only live once, right.

HOLD UP: Dream Seeker doesn’t quite sound like you? Sorry, wrong number. Check out our other Journey Gals to find the right fit here.

The Dream Seeker knows what she wants, but if I sat you down right now and asked who you were, what would you say? Would you rattle off some surface level answers like your job title and relationship status or could you grab a shovel and dig a little deeper.

It’s easy to keep distracting yourself with bright lights, loud sounds and busy-ness but it’s time to step into the quiet, pour yourself a non-caffeinated cuppa and pull out your pen and paper. Fight the fomo, I know you can do it.



Before you continue on your journey, let me tell you a little about mine ..

I am Irene. A fellow Journey Gal travelling along just like you, who turned my story of emotional abuse into an online platform that educates, supports and inspires thousands daily. If it sounds like I’m proud, gal you’d be right.

Today I’m podcaster, TED speaker and mama, also a big fan of good quality chocolate, people watching  and shopping for timeless dresses, slightly oversized — because comfort.

Once silenced, I now use my voice to encourage you along your journey.
Kind of like a big sister on the sidelines but less shouty.

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The Dream Seeker knows that self-love is important, but where do you even start? Turns out it’s more than doing what feels good in the moment. It’s about knowing who the heck self is and all the ways to love her. A scary thought if you’ve never leapt in the self-love journey before, but that’s exactly why you’re here, right?

When all the chaos subsides and the crowds clear, self-reflection can get a little uncomfortable and you’re known to run a few red lights. Might be time to slow down, take a solo stroll and learn about what it truly means to love thy self.

Your go-to-tool:
Like all our Journey Gals, the Dream Seeker can find herself in relationships that aren’t so good for the soul. The key is being able to see past the fun, fire and exciting adventures and find out if it’s one to hold onto. For you, we recommend the ‘Is My Relationship Healthy’ tool.

Something to snack on:
Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly - it’s your masterpiece after all. Other people and their thoughts, beliefs and stories can make it hard to move forward - or bend over and tie your shoelace for that matter.


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Wherever you’re at on your journey, we’re here to offer helpful directions and soul stirring signs along the way.
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