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I know you. A gal who vows to stay true to herself and advocate for the causes she feels deeply passionate about. You’ve been around the block and now you’re ready to help others. You’d happily spend all your days helping to create a better world, but sometimes you could get a little better at saying ‘no’. Practice with me now… ‘no’. We’ll work on that.


The Authentic Advocate is no stranger to the journey. The steep climbs, speed bumps, collisions and burst-out-of-the-tunnel beautiful moments that come with immersing yourself in the unknown. You’ve popped out the other side, a whole new woman ready to take on the world. Now it’s time to step up and own your story.

Deeply passionate and holding yourself to the highest of standards, your environment is at the top of your priorities. You make damn sure you’re surrounded by only those who lift you up and none of those pesky down draggers. It’s important that you live in spaces that support your growth, visions and values.

HOLD UP: Authentic Advocate doesn’t quite sound like you? Sorry, wrong number. Check out our other Journey Gals here to find yours.

Authentic Advocates have a heart for others. You want to use your story and experiences for good in the world. Your friends would describe you as wholesome, empowering and of course authentic - you really are what it says on the box. You’re the gal everyone goes to for straight up, honest advice delivered with a big ol’ dollop of love.

You’re well on your journey gal, but be careful not to overextend yourself and lug too much up the hill of life. You’re only a help to others if you’re not a hindrance to yourself.



Before you continue on your journey, let me tell you a little about mine …

I am Irene. A fellow Journey Gal travelling along just like you, who turned my story of emotional abuse into an online platform that educates, supports and inspires thousands daily. If it sounds like I’m proud, gal you’d be right.

Today I’m podcaster, TED speaker and mama, also a big fan of good quality chocolate, people watching  and shopping for timeless dresses, slightly oversized — because comfort.

Once silenced, I now use my voice to encourage you along your journey.
Kind of like a big sister on the sidelines but less shouty.

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Sometimes your heart gets the better of you. Saying ‘yes’ feels good, but you hand them out so damn often you might start running out of umph.

It’s a beautiful thing to serve others, but just be careful that you don’t do it at the expense of yourself. Protect your energy, make wise investments and remember to keep filling your cup so that you can continue to fill up others.

Your go-to-tool:
Your journal. Keep writing, reflecting and setting intentions. Doodles, one liners or full soul spiels, there’s no rules. Need some inspo to get you back into the flow? Tune in to this episode all about journaling.

Something to snack on:
I love all my journey gals, but the Authentic Advocate is close to my heart as I'm one in the same. I’m a mama, podcaster, educator, TED speaker and the founder of Prepair NZ. An emotional abuse expert and self-love advocate, with a passion for seeing women step up and own their purpose with conviction and freedom from abuse.

My story has reached over half a million people around the world, now let’s chat about yours. The blog at my charity Prepair NZ is full of personal stories from gals who’ve experienced emotional abuse. Or, are you my next podcast guest with an interesting perspective to share?


Ready to own your story? YOUR JOURNEY STARTS HERE:



Wherever you’re at on your journey, we’re here to offer helpful directions and soul stirring signs along the way.
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