your host irene


My journey hasn’t always looked like this: an emotional abuse expert, TED speaker, mama, partner and founder of Prepair NZ …. in fact almost a decade ago I was packing my life into the back seat of a Suzuki Swift. I had made the decision to walk away from four years of emotional abuse to start my life over again — to rewrite my story.

The journey began with one big leap of faith and quickly got messy. In six weeks I had a broken heart, lost my job, a major health scare and moved home to my parents. I didn’t know where I was going or what to do with my life. I was uncomfortable being on my own because I was so used to revolving my life around someone else. It was tough but thankfully I kept pushing on.

At the age of 22, I booked a solo holiday in the island of Rarotonga. I was going to ‘find myself’ and that I did. An afternoon of journalling on the beach led me to the idea of launching Prepair NZ. That one act of self-love opened a world up for me that would one day see me use my story to help thousands of women across the globe by using my voice.


“I should’ve known that the girl who read every book about whales in the
Foxton library, to write her first award winning speech at primary school,
would one day have a purpose that required her to use her voice.”


Today, I’m still taking my latest learnings from a book, podcast, mastermind or coaching session and reworking it into an impromptu speech that I’ll bust out while driving from the city back to my small-town home. Now, I’ve finally decided to stop talking to my water bottle or the random sat next to me in traffic and instead record it all for you.

Wanna know why I do this? It’s the thought of seeing my sisters free to realise their full potential and chase their dreams instead of being stuck in a relationship that doesn’t allow them to thrive. I’ve rewritten my story now I wanna help others do the same. If my work can free one of my sisters from abuse or help another take her story and transform it into positive social impact, then I’ll consider my work done.